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     They say my work is just a drop in the ocean,
    I Say, the ocean is made up of drops.

                                         Mother Theresa.

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What We Do

Our Mission Statement
"To serve as a platform to envision, plan and set up a chain of secondary base eye hospitals, to seek out and eradicate preventable blindness, in the under-served and far-flung areas, in a cost effective and self-sustaining manner, ensuring active community participation."

To address the needs of the most under-served areas, GRACE VISION FOUNDATION plans to set up a chain of community eye hospitals in Central India, covering the under-served contiguous tribal tracts in the states of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The choice of location and the operating model of these hospitals will be such that they can provide high quality, cost effective eye care services in a self-sustaining manner over the medium and long term. Patients who can afford to pay, will be charged fees for the services provided to them. These fees will also cover cost of services provided to patients who cannot afford to pay. These hospitals will also serve as Human Resource Development Centres (HRDCs) for developing ophthalmic health care and administrative assistants. All hospitals in the chain will be able to draw upon each others’ resources when required.

At present GRACE VISION is setting up base eye hospitals providing services such as cataract removal, refractive error correction, glaucoma, childhood blindness, corneal infection & ulceration, ocular trauma (first aid), immunization, health advocacy and allied activities. With a view to further utilizing the proposed hospital infrastructure in future, these hospitals may also take up other primary health care initiatives, such as general medicine, trauma-care (first aid), disaster management, livelihood empowerment, epidemiology studies, etc.

For these base hospitals GRACE VISION is looking at new, greenfield projects, and also at entering into arrangements with existing eye care infirmaries which need revival, resuscitation, growth acceleration or streamlining. The ECOS hospital at Berhampur, Orissa, India, the first such hospital, became associated with us in January 2007, and has already started delivering eye care services.


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